Humans are unique (and native) to Talothian. The elves and dwarves have never encountered humans on other worlds.

Four main cultures of humans ruled the area around where Lasthold is now, but there are numerous other “faraway” cultures. If you want a PC with a strong cultural connection to Lasthold nonplayer characters, choose one of the four main cultures. If you want your PC to be an oddity, a lone traveler, or someone who has lost everything (perhaps even a kingdom), play a faraway culture of your own creation.

Tharusian – Tan skin, dark or red hair, dark eyes. Byzantine palaces. Sprawling, maze-like cities. Women in charge, mainly.

Nelicut – Reddish skin, dark hair, colorful eyes. River farming culture. Small shrines. God-kings (so they say) loosely ruling over large countrysides.

Ivorian – Pale skin, light hair (but never red), brown or hazel or amber eyes. Nomadic culture ruled by chieftains (male or female).

Manthric – Dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes. Feudal culture with many layers of control and a king or queen at the top (passed down to oldest living child).


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