Elves are very few in number because they are immortal (see “Fey” in the Morningstar product) and breed magically in a process that requires creating an untamed forest and selecting the right tree to carry a new spirit.

Every elf knows every other living elf by name. Though immortal, their memories are fleeting and they tend to remember less than other races do (10-20 years at most). They put little stock in history and institutional memory and have no writing system and thus no books. However, they do have songs that they use to pass down legends but the songs morph over time and facts quickly become mythology.

Elves are slavers. Since they are few in number, they require laborers to do their dirty work. Their magic works only to create chaos and sow destruction. For building and planning and creating, they need people. Their armies are full of creatures they have conscripted on this world and others.

An elf changes appearance many times over the centuries to suit their mood. They can change their age and gender, too, but the process time is measured in decades. They value things that look delicate but which are actually strong. They decorate themselves in goldwork that has been magically hardened (elven filigree armor). They wear silk made from huge magical spiders.

Elves make terrible PCs. If you want to play an elf, get the Dungeon Master’s permission and figure out why the character has left elven society and how the elf can possibly integrate into human society in Lasthold. Some possibilities:

  • a rebel who leads humans against the other elves
  • an ex-slaver who has freed her captives and put herself in their service as penance
  • an ambassador to Lasthold who is caught between two warring races
  • an elven outlaw who is wanted dead or alive, but who has fallen in love with a human

Most elves are Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral. A PC elf’s alignment might be Chaotic Good or perhaps Neutral.


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