Dwarves are associated with elemental earth. In a lot of ways, they live like a colony of ants, tunneling in the ground, dividing society into different tasks, working hard, and following a queen.

Dwarves are all part of a hive mind. It’s a natural way of living for them. There are circles of closeness within the hive. They have a sense of duty to their circles. It’s dishonorable to disobey a circle leader. Their mind connections are sort of tree (passed down through circle leaders) rather than a complex graph (usually). The hive is not threatening or painful or oppressive to them it is warm and comforting and loving. To disconnect from it means to lose love.

Circles are ranked “1st circle,” “2nd circle,” and so on. The 1st circle is the top level, led by Platina the Dwarf Queen. She used to be a 2nd circle leader but closing the gate to the dwarven world elevated her to the top (she has no contact with her upper circle anymore). A typical PC is ranked under the 6th or 7th circle.

They are a mechanical culture with advanced magical machines. These machines roam the world, completing tasks. Any dwarf can telepathically talk to these machines (which are not intelligent but they do “talk”) and give them orders, but the machine may have overriding orders from a higher-ranked circle member. Mechanica are a true race of intelligent machines created by dwarves (see below).

The Unbidden are a group of a few hundred dwarves whose 3rd circle leader (Ultro) broke off from the hive because he didn’t want to slaughter the people of Lasthold. Many of his lower circle left him, but those who stayed seem to be loyal to his cause of peace.
NPC dwarves tend to be Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral. The Unbidden tend to be Lawful Good.


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