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    Twenty years ago, [[Human|humans]] were the only race on [[Talothian]], though they were as varied as people in our modern world. The invasion brought [[Elf|elves]] and [[Dwarf|dwarves]], but by and large they are not sympathetic allies (and thus not good …

  • Human

    Humans are unique (and native) to [[Talothian]]. The [[Elf|elves]] and [[Dwarf|dwarves]] have never encountered humans on other worlds. Four main cultures of humans ruled the area around where Lasthold is now, but there are numerous other "faraway" …

  • Elf

    Elves are very few in number because they are immortal (see "Fey" in the Morningstar product) and breed magically in a process that requires creating an untamed forest and selecting the right tree to carry a new spirit. Every elf knows every other …

  • Dwarf

    Dwarves are associated with elemental earth. In a lot of ways, they live like a colony of ants, tunneling in the ground, dividing society into different tasks, working hard, and following a queen. Dwarves are all part of a hive mind. It's a natural way …

  • Half-Elf

    (Elf + Human hybrid) Most half-elves on [[Talothian]] are the product of willing pairings between an [[Elf|elf]] and the elf's [[Human|human]] slave, though "willing" loses any semblance of true consent in a master-slave context. Some are the product …

  • Gnome

    (Elf + Dwarf hybrid) [[Elf|Elves]] and [[Dwarf|dwarves]] hate each other so much that it's very unlikely that two of them will ever get together to make a child, or let such a child live. Those that miraculous survive are gnomes. They combine the …

  • Halfling

    (Dwarf + Human hybrid) When [[Dwarf|dwarves]] and [[Human|humans]] have children, the child is a halfling. They fit well into either society, with only minor troubles. Among humans, a halfling maintains a childlike look for his or her entire life …

  • Tiefling

    [[Darkbringer]] is an evil, godlike being who plots the corruption and theft of souls. When he corrupts parents, they may have a tiefling child. Darkbringer takes that child at a young age and indoctrinates them to be a loyal servant of evil. There is …

  • Mechanica

    The [[Dwarf|dwarves]] created many magical constructs, but only one--called Mechanica--is sentient. Mechanica are intelligent humanoid creatures made of gears and metal. They have a fire elemental motor inside them (called [[Heartfire]]).

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