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  • Hunger and Thirst

    Skip [[Food|food]] for a day, and you must make a Hunger Constitution saving throw. The DC is 10 + the number of consecutive days you've skipped food. On a failed saving throw, you suffer one level of exhaustion. Exhaustion is described in *Appendix A* of …

  • Mechanica

    The [[Dwarf|dwarves]] created many magical constructs, but only one--called Mechanica--is sentient. Mechanica are intelligent humanoid creatures made of gears and metal. They have a fire elemental motor inside them (called [[Heartfire]]).


    Rule: Spend Inspiration to earn Advantage AFTER you have rolled the first die. D&D 5e has an "Inspiration" rule that lets you earn a quality called Inspiration through role-playing, specifically by playing up your character's Bonds, Ideals, Flaws, or …

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