Icons are an idea borrowed from the 13th Age RPG. Basically, they’re powerful NPCs, almost demigods, but they started as regular people and grew in power, and they still live among people. They’re ultrapowerful but not immortal, omnipotent, omnipresent, or omniscient. There are friendly and not-so-friendly relationships among the icons, and they enemies have basically fought each other to a standstill. It’s generally a sort of “cold war” between iconic foes, and they need agents to do their dirty work.

Without the player characters, nothing will change.

Lasthold has a large number of icons that can be divided up into some major categories:

Religious Icons

Pontifex — Holy Elder of the Temple, the traditional religious leader of the Old Canon, leader of Disbelievers and Inquisitors.

Enlightened — A priestess who claims to have real, direct contact with all deities.

Sibyl — Oracle who issues predictions about the destiny of the world and its people.

The Circle — Druidic order of humans (and a few rogue elves) that have embraced the Treeplague as the new and improved order of things.

Anti-Invasion Icons

Voice of the People — A charismatic bard who rose up from the common people and led them to Lasthold.

Treecutter — Half-dwarven warrior focused on stopping the Treeplague and pushing for a Dwarven alliance.

Archduke — Once an imperial general, now conscripting a huge army to march on the enemy.

Abjurer — Wizard who strives to send all outsiders back whence they came.

Traitor — Also known as the Pactmaker (neutrally) or Peacemaker (positively), he seeks to make deals to live peacefully with elves and dwarves.

Opportunist Icons

Factor — Supplies hard-to-find goods to people all over the world… at a price. Patron of thieves, highwaymen, and merchants.

Redcap — Leader of a cabal of wizards who exchange arcane knowledge, he seeks ultimate power and control of the world.

Nomad — Leader of a horde of “barbarians,” really veteran soldiers and mercenaries who raid villages and sell slaves.

Outsider Icons

Tree Empress — This self-style “empress” was a princess on her native elven world. She seeks to conquer the world, but must contend with the dwarves first.

Platinus — High Scholar of the dwarven invading team, singularly devoted to his resource extraction mission, which could save his home world from extinction.

Darkbringer — An evil godlike power that slipped through the elven gate. It works to corrupt the world and steal souls. Associated with demons and devils.


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